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True Blood “Fashion Pinpoint-One Look/One Story” Subject: Jason Stackhouse


Jason Stackhouse is the older brother of While Jason did not inherit any powers as his sister did, he does carry the blood of his fae ancestors, which makes him more attractive to straight women and gay men. As a former football star Quarterback, Jason is very athletic and keeps up his fitness through an intense workout regimen. Fearless and loyal to a fault, he will often run into dangerous situations without fully thinking them through. He is shown to be capable of handling himself in a fight and is unafraid to challenge or attack individuals with strength that dwarfs his own if someone he cares about is in danger. He has proven multiple times he is quite proficient in the use firearms as he usually hits his intented target with uncanny accuracy. He is also quite brave and outspoken. While he can seem like the epitome of a “simple southerner” and is not very “book smart,” Jason is much more intelligent than others (and himself) give him credit for. He has shown an incredible capacity for logical thinking and problem solving, getting himself out of a variety of dangerous situations.
In the books he is turned into a werepanther and as thus he can switch from panther to human form; in the series his transformation apparently will never happen. Despite having fae blood, Jason is not of supernatural status as Maryann was able to influence him and only the supernaturals were immune to Maryann’s influencing power. I dressed Jason in a style that I feel he would actually wear in real life. The military jacket is decorated with medals is a symbol of Jason’ s new status as a cop, and a figure of authority.