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True Blood “Fashion Pinpoint-One Look/One Story” Subject: Sookie Stackhouse


Sookie Stackhouse is a human-fairy hybrid, introduced in the first season of True Blood. Sookie is the most prominent main character on the show and is played by Academy Award-winning Canadian Kiwi actress, Anna Paquin, in her Golden Globe-winning television role. Sookie also appears in the The Sookie Stackhouse Novels as the titular character and narrator of the stories.Season 5 is presenting Sookie stronger and more sure of herself, but finding out more about her troubled past as an orphaned child. Sookie is presented with major situations this season that will be sure to change her character drastically, maybe for good. In the looks that I assigned, I wanted to give Sookie a make-over based on this new attitude, a style that is so much more sophisticated than jeans, tees and a ponytail.The fist aspect of this look is that dramatic cut&sew croc leather cropped jacket. The patchwork construction of this garment resembles Sookies “bits and pieces” of her persona that is being “reassembled”, through the revolution that she may indirectly be responsible for her parents death. This creative jacket can also symbolize her torn and ripped feelings concerning her love for Bill and Eric. The cropped jacket is equipped with a self fabric wide belt, shaping the waist, slimming the overall silhouette of the female body. The ultra strappy silk jersey draped tee is worn under the jacket. This piece, to me symbolizes Sookie true spiritual origins as a fairy-hybrid. This dramatic tee is meant to look and feel so ethereal and beautiful, reminiscent of ancient greek and roman togas. The jeans are stretch, encrusted with stones and sequins, clear symbolism of Sookies’s power as a fairy. The whole look is complimented with ultra high croc boots. Strappy, sleek, but daring, the boots are meant to symbolize the strength that Sookie’s must take on in order to fight all vampires that are after her blood. The boots are ultra feminine, but were designed to look dangerous and sinister, and being that they are detailed in pure silver, they are dangerous to vampires. I wanted to design a look that represented imagination and fantasy, but not forgetting the many trails that Sookie will have to endear in order to find out who and what she wants to be.