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Don Lemon: Are Blacks Doing A Diservice To Themselves / Are We Being Honest With Ourselves?



Don Lemon came under fire on Saturday when he said that he agreed with Bill O’Reilly’s comments about black people.

O’Reilly recently went on a rant about problems in the black community, which he blamed on “the disintegration of the African-American family,” “the drug situation” and the entertainment industry for promoting “gangsta culture.” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes later slammed the comments as “super racist.”

Lemon, however, seemed to be of a different mind on the matter. After re-playing a clip of O’Reilly’s remarks on Saturday, he agreed with the Fox News host, saying, “He’s got a point. In fact, he’s got more than a point…In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough.”

“Black people, if you really want to fix the problem, here’s just five things that you should think about doing,” Lemon continued. Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.

Lemon received a barrage of responses from viewers calling him out on Twitter. MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor did not mince words, and referred to the host as a “turn coat mofo.” She tweeted:

Just saw Fruitvale Station. Heard Lemon remarks. There is nothing I can say. Yet. I just have to wonder. Exactly which America does he live in? But if I had a dollar for every turn coat mofo who made it up and out, then cut the rope ladder behind him… they get to thinking that good money, good suits and good manners will make them see you differently… I’ll tell you what though. If you step to the plate, your behind better be ready to take a pitch.

Meanwhile, Lemon stood by his remarks, responding:

Thanks for all your comments.. Needed to be said. Appreciate the feedback. #CNN #NoTalkingPoints

— Don Lemon (@DonLemonCNN) July 27, 2013

Famous black liberals continued their attacks on CNN’s Don Lemon Tuesday.

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons weighed in on Twitter a few hours ago calling Lemon a “slave,” “dangerous talking head,” and a “disservice to the black community”:

As NewsBusters reported, Lemon’s been savaged by African-American MSNBC employees such as Al Sharpton, Goldie Taylor, and Michael Eric Dyson.

On Monday, a black activist and author called Lemon a professional assassin of African-Americans.

All this for telling his fellow blacks that they should pull up their pants, learn how to speak proper English, get a good education, not litter their neighborhoods, and stop having out of wedlock births.

I have heard more about this issue in the last two days than I care to remember. As a  black man living in the Bronx, Huntspoint to be exact, I UNDERSTAND exactly where Mr. Lemon is coming from. Young black and latino men and woman with incredible promise just seem to be floating through life as if nothing matters but getting high and screwing the next pretty girl that walks your way. My hood is filthy, and when I say filthy, I mean filthy. Even though Bloomberg is making efforts to make this area more livable , by adding vegetation, garden medians, cleaning up a lot of the trash more frequently, I still watch these people, MY people, young and old, that live along with me continue to destroy our home with abandon and no care.

I also understand the view of Russell Simmons as well, and yes in a world colored with pink tones and millions in the bank, the young woman and men  of today WOULD look like the new REVOLUTIONARIES, The NEW Black Panther Party, The NEW Angela Davis’s of the modern 21st century, but that IS NOT the case. I was a child of the late 60’s, and as REVOLUTIONARIES the last thing we did was kill each  other over trivial matters. In the age of the Black Panther party, the recent murders in Chicago, much of which is black on black crime, WOULD NOT have existed. I know the mind of a black  REVOLUTIONARY. This mind is brilliant, understands his/her history, and most of all this mind has an undying respect and dignity for his/her fellow person of color, so Uncle “Russ, have a stadium full of seats, because you have NO IDEA what you are talking about! These young men and woman are killing each other out of nothing but ignorance and self hate, and if it is a REVOLUTION, it is one being fought against us, by us as a people!

1.Do I wish that Don Lemon would NOT have agreed with a white man that has been known in the passed for his racist vitriol bordering on    psychotic?


2. Do I wish that Don Lemon would have sponsored a more appropriate forum for this topic, with other black leaders?


3. Did Don Lemon over simplify the problem of race i this country with his “5 Ways To Make White Folks Happy”


But,…..is he right?


To say that Don Lemon over simplified the race problem was akin to taking a pellet gun to hunt a herd of elephants, its simply not going to work. When I witnessed President Obama win the election, I cried, my ancestors cried, we as black people cried as we all saw a brighter future for ourselves and the coming generation. But after the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin, We as a people have fed into the media’s hype and began to unravel all the progress that we have made as a people, one race-soaked story at a time. We as black people are going to have to face the truth, much of this younger generation is ignorant and have no sense of their own history.

Sure, there are millions of young black men and woman that are uplifting their lives, they are brilliant shining examples of the incredible progress that we have made as a people in this country. But in a nation where their hard work, dedication and accomplishments are CONSTANTLY overshadowed by idiotic public media that does NOTHING but show black people as the MOST wretched race on this earth, we as black people are going to have to stand back and take a deep long look into what we have become and what we are allowing the world to say about us as a whole.

Don Lemon and Russell Simmon’s hearts are in the right place, but they are NOT on the “battleground”, like millions of hardworking  black men and woman that live in low income areas like  myself. What we see everyday is a travesty, what we understand everyday can break your soul, but we press on because that is  what we have to do.  I look all around Twitter and see the attacks of Mr Lemon’s character, sexuality, even loyalty as a fellow black man, but did we REALLY listen to what he had to say?

Are we all watching the same news media that shows one to two black shooting deaths per night in some part of this country?

Or are we ALL just angry at Mr. Lemon because he dared say what we have all known, but did NOT want to admit to the world. The fact we have grown into our own worst enemies. Whites racism is NOT going anywhere people. In England and Scotland, white men have hated each other for centuries because of religions. In fact for thousands of year men that look very much like each other, have shed each other’s blood for the MOST trivial of pursuits.

Its a fact, people are going to NOT like you if you are different than they are, IN ANY WAY its never going to change, so as black people lets except that FACT and move  THE HELL ON . In this day and age, even the type of racism be portrayed has changed. Back in my day, or the day of my forefathers the hate was based on pure race, blind ignorance, we were animals, at least that how many felt about us.  In the modern world of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, race and its politics have changed drastically. The racism of today is strategic, more insidious, hidden in many cases, but MOST of it  is  based on economic and societal -based  opportunities:

Translation :  I know you ARE a HUMAN like I am, in fact we are friends. Your work is excellent, and I respect you, but since I know you are sensitive about your skin color and hair, I will use it to undermine you so I can get that promotion, that corner office, while you simmer and blame the skin your in for not moving ahead.

Now this is NOT always the case, BUT the jews continue to be hated around the world,yet they have incredible economic power in this country and abroad.  Chinese have been trivialized and made into the “model minority” world wide because of their willingness to assimilate , yet their power is growing as well.

What do these race(s) of people have in common with us? – Racism , what do they NOT have in common with us – The need to destroy  each other, to NOT help each other move to the top, to NOT form our resources together , creating a stronger worldwide community.

THAT seems to be the MEAT of the issue.

Its a global chess game based on mobility, pure and simple, an elaborate MIND FUCK and we are feeding in beautifully.

Be angry with me if you want to, but like nana use to say “Tell the truth and shame the devil, make him run away!” But I am tired of being sick an tired of living in a community that I have helped build, afraid that one day I will be chased down Huntspoint by a group of young black men yelling “WorldStar”, because I am different than they are.

It seems Black people have not gotten this memo, well, here you go, pass it along!