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“Afternoon In The Amazon” / A Study Of Style And Conservation


I created this project for a few reasons so along with my 12 year old sewing machine,serger, and 21 year old well-known sewing mannequin, “Samatha” ( I aquired “Samantha” while a attending  Parsons School Of Design and she is even signed by my then fashion critic of my senior show, the now world famous style-master Marc Jacobs.),  I created a few looks that were meant to show admires of my work the many facets of my talent. From conception to actual sewn samples I do myself, I try to be as free and unbounded with my skills as a designer as I can. The second reason is very important to me. Our Amazon forest are being decimated at an increasing level. Though through conservation efforts, many of these destructive practices are being curtailed, it is still a MAJOR problem in that regain of the world. As many of you know, the Amazon region provides much of the earths’ oxygen, but many people forget about the beautiful indigenous people that call these forest home. There are still over 200 indigenous groups in the Amazon Rainforest , talking 180 different languages and each with their own cultural heritage. If you narrow your view to language families you will still find 30 different language families in the Amazon rainforest.

This shows that like the flora and fauna , the cultural diversity in the region is also very high, making it an even more interesting and rich place. The Kuarup is the biggest indigenous festival and it has being happening annually in July or August for centuries. The Kuarup festival brings many different tribes together to celebrate and honor their dead. Although the motivation is not the most cheerful one the festivities are happy and very enjoyable for outsiders. It’s a huge demonstration of indigenous dance, music, rituals , games and food. Nowadays the Kuarup can be seen by the outsiders on some occasions, not always, as it depends on the mood and willingness of the tribe leaders.There are at least 50 groups that still don’t have regular contact with the outsides and keep away from them. The Brazilian government policy towards these groups is to leave them alone, as they wish. Not very much is known about these groups as they keep going deeper and deeper into the forest as the outsiders get closer to where they live. To stop the constant migration of tribes it has been suggested that an Indigenous Protected Area be setup so they can stop running away into the most remote places of the forest. Another interesting fact and a hope about the indigenous population is that their numbers are increasing. This means that, after 5 centuries being destroyed, they are actually being able to live and grow in their demarcated lands. This is hope for their cultures and way of life. My fathers’ paternal family is part of one of these tribes, so being a descendant of “The Forest”, and as a designer, I wanted to showcase the simple beauty of these people, something the fashion world as yet to do. Show casing my design, in models exhibiting ceremonial face tattoos, jewelry,etc. is a wonderful way to showcase these wonderful people and shed a light on a cause that is close to my heart.

I am always pushing my talents, my creative boundaries are always being expanded slowly.  In this series I wanted to create looks that were inspired by the wonderful Amazon Forest, one of the largest rain forest on this earth. My father is from Sinop,Brazil, much of his family are indigenous people that make their home in the Amazon forest. I have been back to Brazil to my fathers town and my distant relatives to understand their culture and lives. I am proud  to have these wonderful people as  apart of my family, and have learned so much from them. I am deeply disturbed when I hear of the stories of land-robbing, brutality, deforestation, and even murder from my relatives. When they rely these stories to me, they always have hurt and regret in their voice and tears in their eyes.  I wanted  a powerful fashion based medium  that could get the message out concerning what is going on in the Amazon. I chose colors and fabrics that were luxurious, but reminiscent of all the colors, hues, and scenery dynamics of this great forest and her animals.  I even chose to use indigenous models to wear my fashions, in celebration of the Metyktire Tribe, the indigenous people of my father. I will be continuing this series, as I have created 7 key looks that I have sampled. I wanted to bring awareness to the many problems of the Amazon because of greed. I think the one statement ” This is my home” is powerful, and reminds us all that these wonderful forests, these mystical lands are the native homelands of living human beings that have existed in these sacred forest  for hundreds of years, long before the europeans.

In this presentation below, I wanted to create a retail environment that was ‘spa-like’, soothing visually. I would   use bamboo on the walls , center area of the boutique, waiting rooms, etc. The flooring is of linoleum, a well known green material. The lighting are to be made of organic silk and paper .  The end result will hopefully soothe the shopper, asking then to simply, ‘slow down, and smell the roses of life’.

Madonna and Angelina Jolie-Pitt / Style Titans- Future Trends


As a designer, there are no two celebs that influence trends, style and fashion like Madonna and Angelina Jolie-Pitt. As many in the world, I watch closely what these two ‘style titans’ wear, who their stylist are, and what designers they happen to favor. Now, let us float back down to reality, I am a freelance designer working out of NYC, I don’t have Angelina or Madge on speed dial to wear a few designed samples that I have created just for them, in a lavish fashion shoot  ofcourse shot by the incredibly imaginative David La Chapelle. I am just a little known designer with a HUGE imagination, so let’s have the next best thing,(at least in my opinion). I will create a series based on my designs, done in my distinct illustration style, to illustrate my views on upcoming trends dealing with fashion,hair,and makeup,…..all about these two beautiful ladies:)

The first board is all about Madge, wearing a color and fabric blocked well tailored pant suit. The jacket is well tailored, with wonderful shoulder treatments in the form of external self -contrast pleating, going down the mid sleeve. Each sleeve is color and fabric blocked with leather,wool,and satin, creating a very  interesting ‘visual texture’. I chose to use ‘hot colors’ that have been muted as this design is more geared to F/W. Limegreens become deep pea greens, Bubble gum pinks, become deep fushia, allowing wonderful color in a season of fashion  where stark color palettes are usually the norm. The bottoms are predominately leather , but fabric blocked with wool (5% stretch added with wool fabric to better combine with the soft leather). The bottom is color blocked at the knee, to go back to the jacket, merchandising very well in the future , if this was to become a full collection. A black ,stretch velvet button-up long sleeve blouse is added  for upper texture, combined with a pop silk ‘pencil’ tie. The look is finalized with a burnt rouge, patent leather, ultra high stiletto accented with self fabric fringe on front, keep in mind this style can be translated successfully into wonderful flats.  The final look is reminiscent of what makes S/S fashion so much fun,  with emphasis on fabrication,surface texture of fabric,and design.

Will this become and upcoming trend?


That I can’t answer.

As a designer I love to create what I feel will look great on women. I have noticed that designers, specifically american designers, are starting to ‘shy away’ from overly monotone color ways when it comes to the colder seasons. I think the reason why is that our world is becoming smaller and smaller via increasingly advanced technologies. Anyone can be in Cancun, at least in spirit, in a matter of minutes, and that is starting to effect how we see color, even during the F/W seasons in the northeast and midwest. I have also noticed that these same designers , during the colder seasons, are using holiday to introduce even more ‘color pops’ into their respective collections. So I guess designers ARE slowly introducing ‘inverted pop colors’ in their F/W collections.



Mrs. Joli-Pitt is wearing what I call a ‘coat-dress’. I took an overcoat silhouette, took a way the heavy fabrication, involving a lighter version, and coupled with fabulous leggings and even sexier sweater knit,sculpted boots. In the illustration ofcourse the garment is very short for ‘style reasons’, but if going out to production, I would add approx 4 inches to the hem of the dress. The dress , instead of a melton wool, I would use a Cashmere/ Alpaca wool mix. The garment is then combined with a waist enhancing wide leather belt, sexy knit leggings, and thigh high, sweater knit stiletto boots. Going into production, even though this was designed as a dress or a soft wool top , MOST women are going to  still wear this item as a jacket which means they will combine with a bottom. The look is finalized with sweater knit styled stiletto sculpted boots, that merchandise well back to the dress, as well as most sweater knit items the consumer may have in her wardrobe. Be on the look-out for a continuation of this series during this week. And as always, if you need design assistance in your product lines, feel free to drop a line.






True Blood “Fashion Pinpoint-One Look/One Story” Subject: Sam Merlotte & Luna Garza


Merlotte, a shapeshifter, is the owner of the bar/restaurant Merlotte’s Bar and Grill in Bon Temps, Louisiana. In his early 30’s, he is of average height and strong build, with gray eyes and shaggy brown
hair, much in line with his alternate form. While he can change into any animal (so long as there is a suitable ‘template’ animal around for him to use as a basis), Sam’s preferred alternate shape is that of
a light-colored border collie.Like all shapeshifters, Sam feels a strong urge to change shape on the nights of a full moon. The rest of the time he can do so at will. He often will go for runs in dog form
through the local woods with his canine friend. Luna Garza is Sam’s girlfriend.As of now, little of Luna’s backstory is known.

Luna is of Mexican descent on her mother’s side and Native American descent on her father’s side. Luna’s mother died giving birth to her and she was raised by her father and grandparents in a
Navajo reservation. As Luna’s mother died giving birth to her, Luna is responsible for indirectly ending her mother’s life. A shapeshifter who kills another shapeshifting member of their family
becomes a skinwalker, someone capable of turning into any animal (including humans) on Earth. The Navajo believed skinwalkers to be evil witches so Luna most likely had a difficult time growing up.
At some stage, she shapeshifted intoher dead mother. Luna deemed the experience “crazy” and “scary” but she was also happy to assume the form her own mother who she never remembered. I designed
and styled looks that were constructed of naturally derived fibers and or skins. Shapehifters, in my opinion and according to the back story, are creatures of nature. I thought at first to design and style
looks that were reminiscent of native american heritage, but that would have been to easy, and some what predictable. Instead I kept the looks simple, with details that were symbolic of these
chracters, and their special powers. Shapeshifters can take on the shape of any animal, so I designed a pair of denim jeans for same that utilized a cut and sew “patchwork” detail, with patches of linen,
and suede to symbolize the different animal and energies that these characters can take on.

The blazer is constructed from linen, a fabrication that has been utilized for over 7,000 years. Finally, Sam’s footwear is of a simple construction, single piece construction. Luna’s look is simple,
but very sexy. The top is of suede,very strappy. Added wasa simple ezymed washed mini skirt,distressed heavily. Finally, Luna’s ancestory played a large part in my design decisions.
This instance I did want to acknowledge her native american lineage. The suede boots are fridged
with a 5 inch heel.

Career Branding / Standing Out From The “Corporate Fashion Herd” When Job Hunting Part 2


Creating a Successful Portfolio 101#

Portfolios are MANDATORY  in starting, and maintaining careers in fashion. Even if you didn’t make one while you were still in design school, you can put one together now. Here are some tips for how to make a fabulous fashion design portfolio.

The first thing that you’ll need is something to contain the pieces you wish to have in your portfolio. This can be a binder, a folder, or a higher-quality, specifically formatted portfolio binder. This will contain samples of your best work and can be updated as your skills improve. My personal choice artistic portfolios, in black ofcourse.

  • Organize your pieces by collection and give some logical flow to the progression of what you show. Start strong, but definitely save the best for last. Now since the last 10 years, I have instructed my protegé’s to create what is “disjointed collections”, a series of collection, showing their particular skills. Show preliminary sketches, having the viewer understand your thought process and or creative protocol, but NEVER show finished collections. The reason why is artistic and creative thievery. I know of several individuals that shall remain nameless, (maybe one day Ill drop random blind items), that have “seasonal job searches” for  new design talent. Now any person observing this situation, would say the companies have a very high turn-over concerning designers, no, not all because they are not really hiring anyone. They hold these “talent searches” as a rather unscrupulous form of “trend forecasting”, stealing ideas and or complete design concepts from innocent, hopeful job seekers. Suddenly, you see YOUR unique design(s), theme and concepts in Macy’s the next season. This happens more often than I would care to admit, so I recommend that you create look-based  presentation boards, limited to 2 boards per concept. If they can’t see that your the next Coco Chanel after your shrewd, but delicious presentation, then you don’t need to work for them because they are idiots, and that creates a whole other cornucopia of problems and situations. Some may find this approach unorthodox, but TRUST me, creative thievery runs rampant in the NYC garment industry, duping potential job seekers out of potentially MILLIONS of annual dollars concerning their work. You make the choice, don’t say no one told you.
  • Your portfolio should include sketches of your designs. These will be the large, final sketches in color. Now being that I am a digital fashion illustrator, coupled with a mean “gauche hand”, I couple BOTH in my presentations. Potential employers will have wet dreams about a portfolio that is incredibly versatile, even with execution of  materials used to create the portfolio. This shows the employer that you are a talent “power-house”, you can do  detailed 5 minute sketches for  design meetings, as well as polished digital sketches for sales presentations,etc. Keep in mind, versatility is the key in landing ANY design position.
  • Include fabric swatches to show what fabrics were used, will be used, or which ones inspired you. This demonstrates texture and creative process.
  • Include finished photos of your designs. Every time you make something you should take a picture of someone wearing it and make sure the pictures are large enough to show detail of pattern and texture.
  • Make a digital version of your portfolio. You may need to scan images onto your computer; this is helpful to places that are far away and the only means of communication is via phone or email. I can NOT stress this enough, ESPECIALLY if you are a Freelance designer. High resolutions photos of your presentation boards  are wonderful for attracting jobs overseas, in other states, anywhere you can’t get to conveniently. As I said before, NEVER send whole collections,  just “bits and pieces” of your strongest work. Try to keep it cohesive , but protect your work at all cost. Speaking of portfolios, there are dozens of sites that offer design portfolio services for FREE. Sites like Coroflot , Styleportfolios,and Carbonmade offer  free templates, easy and diversified uploading formats, and a great way to network with others in your chosen industry. Many reputable companies have been known to recruit from these wonderful sites, so get onboard.  The drawbacks of being on these sites can be said in one word, Competition. After you have reached out to a certain job opportunity, and they think you’re the next best thing to a free sunday brunch at Balduccis, it would be unfortunate for them to find someone else more talented than you, after you have sent them your Coroflot  portfolio link. (I have had this happen to me,its heart breaking, and I needed therapy.) Instead, invest in several free site building websites, build an independent online portfolio, then send links till your hearts content. I prefer this method for two reasons, 1. no competition, the person is sent to YOUR site, about YOUR talent. 2. A great way  for your work to be “searchable” in search engines such as Goggle, Bing,Yahoo, to name a few. This can sometimes bring VERY unexpected, but highly lucrative opportunities from companies that simply “came across” your site online. Make sure you use highly searchable meta-tag words, for BOTH your site content and uploaded jpegs of your work. I obtained a japanese client this way,( or rather they obtained me), by just having a few of my presentation boards “searchable” in search engines.
  • Remember that a neat presentation is the best way to show professionalism. Classic colors to use as a portfolio cover are either black or neutral tones. This way the emphasis is on the actually design pieces themselves.
  • Include an introductory page that tells a little about who you are and can include a logo or a graphic if you have one. It is always a good idea to brand yourself even if you are just beginning- you want people to be able to recognize your work.
  • Last, but not least, include a “digital version” of your portfolio. Yes, I know you already have that  “black old stand-by” portfolio, and physical samples of your work is the norm, but incorporating your trusty macbook / Ipad into your presentation has garnered me a lot of job opportunities. Use your Macbook / Ipad to create slideshows of your designs, coupled with a rocking soundtrack, and you have a portfolio-based video. This will have the employer further understand your vision even more and its just dang cool! One of my protegés has an Ipad, and as he is flipping through his physical portfolio, he hands the Ipad over to the interviewer, as his video presentation is displayed with music, themes, along with his designs. Its gets the interviewer “engrossed” with what you are presenting, you have made your portfolio an “experience”, sure never to be forgotten.

Each of these portfolio tips is designed to help you make the most of your career. It is best to update your work as often as you make new designs, and it is ok to spend lots of time in how you put everything together- the stronger your portfolio, the better your chances of getting that dream job in the fashion industry. Remember, be creative, learn to think “out side the box”, don’t just depend on your talent to land that job, be innovative.

Since the topic is job hunting, here is MY online portfolio site, I am using BOTH sites for FREE (until they work out their “server kinks”), but about 95% of my work is searchable in all worldwide search engines and I am getting hits, literally from all over the world!!!      http://freelancefashiondesignernyc.moonfruit.com/

Talent Spotlight / Seaki Creative Services


Hello everyone, As many of you know, I m an international freelance fashion designer based in NYC. I have done this video to introduce myself to the online professional community, and those of you that need graphic and or Product design services Pls feel free to check out my online portfolio by clicking HERE

In the video, you will see just a few of the services that I offer as a Fashion design consultant. Some of these services include: Product design, Fashion Illustration, Product Branding, Graphic Design, Technical Design, Production Assistance, and Sourcing. Feel free to call me to discuss your creative needs.



Rihanna challenges British fashion newcomers to dress her up on new TV show


LONDON — Rihanna has found a unique way of getting some new stage outfits.
The musical superstar from Barbados will be hunting for undiscovered design talent in Britain on a new TV show — as yet unnamed — in which she will be the executive producer and the star.Sky Living HD announced Thursday it has commissioned media company Twenty Twenty to make the series and say Rihanna will be working mainly behind the scenes.
Hosting duties will go to another pop name, Nicola Roberts from the U.K. group Girls Aloud.Together they will challenge fashion newcomers to create stage gear for musicians and celebrities — with the final task to dress Rihanna for her July 8 performance at the Wireless music festival in London’s Hyde Park.Stay tuned kiddies, as this is a great opportunity to get my skills out there. Rihanna wants new outfits,…then that is what she shall get,…courtesy of Seaki 🙂
This is going to be fun, I love a challenge !!!

Client Profile – Shuk Sportswear International


Shuk Sportswear came onboard 2003 as a small sportswear apparel start-up out of St.Louis,MO. Product that has been designed for this client is basic sportswear and footwear,and I am very excited. Above is a new project that I am working on for Shuks Sportswear. We are developing themed sportswear  (hoods,hockey jerseys,varsity jackets,etc.) for our international customers. Services that have been utilized for this emerging brand are:

Apparel design

Corporate Branding

Technical Design

Graphic Design

Look out for this company, I have big goals and ideas for future product.

Lady Gaga, Fusion of Style and Innovation Espejo Nelson Atelier “Raw Denim”


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Lady Gaga has always inspired me, as well as millions of others. She was one of the MAJOR celebs to speak out for GLBT rights,while creating a platform for further dialog concerning what EXACTLY are basic human rights. She has always been in the for front of fashion design, mixing elegant styles,with her daring unique taste,creating a style of her own. My fav style moment, was when she took the famed Berkin Kelly Hermes bag, and turned it on its head. She bought a few of them at $15,000 a pop, then made the usually “stuffy-uber chic” bag into a fashion force to be reckoned with by sticking raw steel spikes through the ultra-expensive totebags. What emerged was a berkin bag that looked is if it had been to hell, and came back a KICK ASS IN YOUR FACE  accessory. It was a simple thing to do, but showed to what lengths Lady Gaga would go to insure that her fashion vision / stamp is established on EVERYTHING she owns or covets. Lady Gaga continues to be a remarkable artist, but for designers like myself, she is a gold mine. An icon that has no fear of confronting style norms, rearranging,splitting,tearing,and smashing them to her submission. And I say LONG LIVE QUEEN GAGA!


Legal Disclaimer: Lady Gaga is not associated with Espejo Nelson Atelier