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True Blood “Fashion Pinpoint-One Look/One Story” Subject: Alcide Herveaux


Alcide Herveaux is a fictional character from the The Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Novels by author Charlaine Harris. He is a were (a full blooded werewolf) who owns a surveying company with his father in Shreveport, LA. Alcide is depicted as a tall man with green eyes,and thick, tousled black hair. He has a younger sister named Janice. I designed a contempary sportswear look for Alcide, that would consist of natural fibers, being that Alcide is a werewolf, or a spirit/animal based human. His Two -toned jeans are made of organic hemp, raw washed. Blazer is light weight cashmere / wool with leather hatch details. The blazer has hemp denim elbow patches,same wash as denim jeans. Alcide’s look is finalized with a deep V-neck cashmere sweater,giving a glimpse of his magnificent body. The look is modern and very sporty.