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Talent Spotlight / Seaki Creative Services


Hello everyone, As many of you know, I m an international freelance fashion designer based in NYC. I have done this video to introduce myself to the online professional community, and those of you that need graphic and or Product design services Pls feel free to check out my online portfolio by clicking HERE

In the video, you will see just a few of the services that I offer as a Fashion design consultant. Some of these services include: Product design, Fashion Illustration, Product Branding, Graphic Design, Technical Design, Production Assistance, and Sourcing. Feel free to call me to discuss your creative needs.



My Thoughts – Chris Brown and Rhianna “The Public Destruction Of Two Pop-Stars”


Sitting at my trusty 13″ mac, I look online for news around my community and the world, as many do. Suddenly, I am blasted by all of this negative rhetoric dealing with Chris Brown, the pop star that was infamous for beating Rihanna a few years back. I see that other recording artist have now joined the “I Hate Chris Brown” bandwagon, going as far as dedicating songs about domestic violence to him. I scroll over to a few sites, and I am further shocked that Rihanna, the domestic violence victim of Chris Brown, is now recording an album with him. I have brunch, and the “Hot Topic” of the meal is, should Billboard have taken out a FULL PAGE to address a recording artist, and his personal antics?

Has the world simply lost its mind?

Since when did it become appropriate to basically PUBLICLY  assassinate the character of an artist based on personal opinion, all the while, further victimizing another. The articles I am speaking of  was written by Billboard blogger Erika Ramirez. In the article, she blasted Chris Brown on his behavior and  personal attitudes. When is this subjective drivel going to end, and why did Billboard magazine allow this “I don’t like you Chris Brown, So Imma write about it” piece of journalistic crude to even get printed? Money and Publicity, its plain and simple and thats why this saga will never end.

One minute you’re crying at the closing of a Michael Jackson tribute at the 2010 BET Music Awards and the next you’re throwing chairs out the “Good Morning America” window. One minute you’re grabbing your first Grammy for your first No. 1 album. The next you’re cursing everybody and their mothers on Twitter AND reportedly saying it was someone who controls your tweets. Really?

You can’t get mad at us for not forgetting. It happened, it’s written. But when you get aggressive and act out, what do you think people are going to reference? For every person that is waiting for your fall, there are those cheering for you to win, but it’s hard for those who want you to thrive because when you take one step forward, you inevitably take two steps back.

This sounds like a “Dear John” letter gone VERY WRONG. The author of these obsessive quotes should replace  “Us”, when speaking for the buying public and fans, with “Me” or “I”.

Not only is this mediocre excuse for objectivity deplorable in its biased view concerning this pop-star, but if comes across, as if a 16 year old wrote this letter while surrounded by Chris Brown posters and keepsakes. Its an odd piece of “journalism” to say the least. Then it was brought to my attention that Billboard placed another letter, this one addressed to Rihanna, asking the young pop star to ” not let Chris Brown slither back into her life”. This is where I have to draw the line in the sand, and dare Billboard to step  over. This letter was read by millions, and may have RE-victimized this young woman all over again. Being a survivor of childhood physical abuse, its the type of abuse that as soon as it ends , your running from the memory of it. The emotionally disastrous images  and memories of the punches, the blood, the physical pain is something that haunts you for the rest of your life. Even well into my adulthood, after dealing with such issues with therapy and out-patient programs, my mind will not let me forget. There are times that I wake up in a cold sweat, after having a nightmare of being assaulted again. It sometimes seems the universe will not let me heal,I rock myself back to sleep, with tears in my eyes, as I am that beaten 10-year-old boy once again. For a public entity to “recall” probably one of the worst nights in her life, and pass it off as a ” We love you and are concerned” letter, just for publicity makes me sad and regretful for Rihanna. The fact that Rihanna has forgiven this young man ENOUGH to start seeing him publicly and working with him, means that we have no right to denounce her judgement. It’s her decision, her “cross-to-bear”, and she deserves to be able to walk into the healing rays forgiveness,self reliance, and personal strength without the public second-guessing this very important decision. My question to anyone is this, did Chris Brown beat YOU in the face?,…Where YOU there when Rhianna needed a shoulder to cry on?,……and most of all, Where YOU apart of the healing and forgiving process, so that she could move on from victim-hood , to strength and self reliance? To millions of you, NO is probably the RIGHT answer. So how can any of you stand on your mini-soap-boxes and say the things that are being said about BOTH of these people?  Now I hear that many “fans” are angry at Rihanna for even forgiving Chris Brown, as if she is supposed to hold on to this negativity for the rest of her public life.  I say GOOD FOR RHIANNA, forgive , but DO NOT forget. Chances are, both of these individuals are going on to live lives that most of us can only dream about, caring very little if anything about  public opinion. This lesson has stopped being about Chris Brown and Rihanna a very long time ago, and has grown into a milestones concerning todays society. As the buying and reading public, will we continue to read caustic and sensationalized ” journalism” that deals with lies and misnomer, or articles that are based on truth and objectivity? Are we going to continue to emotionally   feed into media that continues to pander  to the lowest denominator of our character and spirit, portraying us as a society of bitter and hateful individuals? We have to learn to demand more from our media?  I guess that is what the younger generation needs to understand, they are much more than the latest celebrity scandal. The young future of this world are much more dynamic than the latest Britney Spears crotch shot, and much more important, universally, then the latest Kim Kardashian butt photo-op.

Kanye West “Raw Denim” inspiration


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As many of you that are my close friends, I have ALWAYS viewed Kanye’s style as iconic. This young man is not afraid to go with the flow of current trends, and MANY times wearing styles that are AGAINST current trends, making  him even more iconic. Kanye West has always been a “friend in my head” after he made the HUGELY ironic, but correct comment against George Bush, saying that “George Bush did not care about black people” during the Katrina disaster. That moment he spoke his mind and his heart, NOT caring of the PR backlash. As many of you know, I am creating a denim product line based on raw denim and all of its “mysteries”. I wanted to create this illustration and design to honor kanye and his new found styles dealing with ancient egyptian iconography. His current video, Power, further cemented my decision in creating this look for Kanye, as the video is so powerful and direct!. Kanye, if you EVER read this blog (or rather your stylist’s), this is for you . You have inspired me with YOUR power, and you are TRULY a force to be reckoned with.

P.S. To Kanye’s stylist, the jacket can be made for him quickly,free of charge,just for him It would be my honor!

Legal: Kanye West and Def Jams ARE NOT associated with Espejo Nelson Atelier in anyway ( though I wish he was! Imma keep praying:)