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Redhead Revolution / Julian Moore


Julianne Moore, when I think of some of the MOST versatile and  endearing actors,she is one my top 5 list. From her delicate performance in “The Hours”, to her tour de force performance in “Hannibal”.  In my book, she has always been a ‘bankable’ actor, and when I see her name on the marque, I am usually buying a ticket, or getting ready to settle in and enjoy my viewing experience. Emmy’s 2012 was a fashion disappointment for me concerning Mrs. Moore. wearing a vintage canary yellow Dior pulled out of the vaults of the esteemed fashion house. I wrote a blog about this, saying that I would “reinvent” Mrs Moore, and design her a new look. I have to admit, I started out to do just that but then as I was creating and working I began to consider that my intentions may have been misguided. I have a great respect for the design process, and even more respect for the ultimate choice of the  consumer or client. These celebs made their decisions, so let it be. Instead I was steered in a different direction, a direction of fun and irony.

In this presentation I wanted to represent a Julianne that was fun, full of joy , and colorful. I decked her out in a lambskin technicolor red bomber,  lined in vibrant crimson faux long haired fox. The sleeves have self fabric buckles nearly up the sleeve, looking very edgy , but wonderful. This jacket is coupled with a multi-colored silk jersey dress, with vibrant shades to match. The back illustration has Mrs Moore wearing a sexy croc leather /jersey dress with self pleated skirt.

Julianne Moore, in my opinion, could have chosen a ‘better’ dress for the Emmy’s, but the dress she chose is now apart of fashion/television history. Time now to maybe create a little history of my own.

Fashion In Technicolor / A Study Of Color , Design, and Luxury





Since a little boy, like many of us that were artistically inclined, I loved color. No REALLY, I ADORED color, big gobs of bright and wonderful colors  that stimulated my young  imagination. Being a designer in NYC, color was always a “bad word”. You could use color for “pop” to accent garments,  and maybe as ground color for some designs concerning  the warmer seasons, but I was always told to be safe. “Never use bright colors, people don’t like bright colors”, is what I was often told by my career mentors. “Bright colors are cheap, it is a designer’s job to know when less is more”, another word of advice that I have built my design career on. As a freelancer, I design for many clients, and each client has  specific needs. This recession has hit my business, as well as many of my other freelance brethren hard, having me to redefine what I value as a designer, my views and thoughts on “design fundamentals” that I have been taught. This collection is for ME, in celebration of that little 7 year old boy that would look at his magic marker for hours, amazed at the rich hues that appeared on my paper. I will use color in abandon, wreaking havoc concerning the spectrum, and REALLY utilizing my Pantone book, not just for the socially accepted hues, but for colors that simply make me happy to look at. These looks are also experimenting with luxury based fabrics, skins, and precious metal trims, combining the absurd with the sublime. In this project, I am a child again, my magic markers have been replaced with my trusty mac, But I WILL find a joy that I have long lost. I hope viewing this collection has made you as happy as it has made me, cause this is DAMN FUN!

I would like to add that this project is dedicated to Patrick Kelly, a man that I never met, but his work and talent has always been a source of inspiration.
Check back as often as you like, this will be an on-going project for the next few months!

Introducing : “To Patrick Kelly with Love” A Blog / Design Memoirs of Love, Admiration, and Triumph


I went ahead and FINALLY DID IT!!!

I created ANOTHER blog, but this one is special, its dedicated to my mentor and inspiration the late and great Patrick Kelly

In this blog, Patrick, to me, is not gone but in a design office right next to mine. We are design “partners in crime”, having fun and doing what we love, making women look beautiful. This is a sort of design memior to a man that helped me realize through pain and suffering, comes inspiration and beauty. I love you Patrick Kelly with all my “design heart”, lets “rock Paris till she topples over”!!!!

I created this blog, in honour of Patrick Kelly , to “get to know him”, in turn getting to know my own talent. My own design style is very much like Patrick’s, taking risk, colorful, and just over the top. Patrick Kelly transitioned long before I could meet him, But I am hoping through this blog, I can get to know some of his fans, and people that knew him personally. If you knew Patrick, feel free to share your moments, pictures, comments,etc. I see this blog not only as a platform for Patrick’s legacy, but a way to understand who I am as a designer in NYC and as a creative human being. And as always, I AM a freelance designer, so if you love my work, HIRE ME, get me closer to my dreams in Paris, hopefully one day I while have a legacy that is as loved as Mr Patrick Kelly’s. I too, want the universe to hear me roar.

Patrick Kelly was an iconic african american designer of the Mid 80’s . During a time when most designers of color were not taken seriously, Mr Kelly rose in fame. Mr Kelly was the first american fashion designer to be admitted into the French Federation Of Fashion and Ready to Wear of Couturiers and Fashion Designers. Patrick Kelly was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1954, and like me, he was a “country boy with city attitude” that garned him love and admiration from many.

Patrick Kelly has inspired MY life and career in so many ways. Growing up in Coloumbus,Tx and Baton Rouge, La, life was difficult at best for a little boy that loved to sew and draw. I discovered Parick Kelly, and from then on, I believed that I too could do ANYTHING that I set my mind to. Patrick Kelly transitioned on January 1, 1990, and sadly I never got to thank him for the inspiration that he has brought to my life and career, but in this blog, I would like to think somewhere out there in heaven, Patrick is giving me a smile. I will be sharing many of my designs, tidbits about Patrick Kelly, articles, events, and of’course fashion. I feel that in this online platform, I am FINALLY given the permission to portray my private thoughts about fashion , by struggle as a creative and professional. I think Patrick would expect nothing less.

Here is the link to the blog / personal journal and enjoy

Politics – Why is Ted Nugent Not Getting the “Dixie Chicks” Treatment, Is This A TRUE Warning For Obama’s Safety In The Near Future?


Keep in mind, Im not a political person. If it does revolve around this season fashion trends, my career, or what looks good on my body, I usually leave it for the political “talking-heads” that I listen to will working. With that being said, (my PC disclaimer ),Ted Nugent ruffled some ‘washington feathers’  at the National Rifle Association convention April 14 in St. Louis, Mo.

“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” Nugent said, according to a video posted on YouTube by the NRA. “If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made out of.”

I remember hearing the sound-bite on CNN, and I stopped in my tracks, and listened in, It was one of those moments where I will always remember where I was, ordering a few delicious tops for spring on Amazon. I stood  gob-smacked, and said to my self, “Obama secret service-ATTACK THIS IDIOT!”. I respect Ted Nugent ‘s political views, its his right to feel they way that he does. But I draw the line when you threatened the life of our Commander-In-Chief,  he is OUR president, the leader of MY country, America, (Yes , I am VERY patriotic, have been all over this world in my business travels, and America is simply fabulous!). It has now been reported that Ted Nugent is paying that cost for his reckless comments at our sitting president.

The aging musician who was to play July 23 at Ft. Knox in Kentucky with co-headliners REO Speedwagon and Styx at a concert celebrating the U.S. military, was scratched from the lineup.

“After learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Ft. Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance,”read a post made to the U.S. Army’s Ft. Knox Facebook page.

To add another hot poker to this PR disaster for Ted Nugent, the longtime shock rocker met with two “fine, professional” agents in Oklahoma, where he’s scheduled for an evening gig, he said in a statement Thursday afternoon. Mr. Nugent did not barricade himself in his dressing room. The Feds did not haul him away in handcuffs.

Instead they all had a nice chat about Nugent’s recent harsh statements, such as his assertion at last weekend’s National Rifle Association convention that if President Obama is reelected “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” The Secret Service apparently came away convinced that Nugent is only a threat to decorum, not the chief executive of the US.

“The issue has been resolved” and the agency “does not anticipate any further action,” Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary told the Washington Post.

Ok, Now lets rewind to  March 2003,

Music superstars the Dixie Chicks where finding out that criticizing President Bush’s plans for war in Iraq can cost you air play, big time,( can I remind you that years later,…..THEY WHERE RIGHT,…)

Country stations across the United States pulled the Chicks from playlists following reports that lead singer Natalie Maines said in a concert in London earlier that week that she was “ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

Station managers said their decisions were prompted by calls from irate listeners who thought criticism of the president was unpatriotic.

The group, which got its start in Texas, was one of the darlings of this year’s Grammy Awards. The three-woman band that blends blue grass and pop hooks has spawned legions of fans who embrace the ideals of strong women celebrated in some of the trio’s songs.

One station in Kansas City, Missouri held a Dixie “chicken toss” party Friday morning, where Chick critics were encouraged to dump the group’s tapes, CDs and concert tickets into trash cans.

Houston country station KILT pulled the band’s records from its playlist — at least temporarily — after 77 percent of people polled on its Web site said they supported the move.

“We’ve got them off the air for right now,” said Jeff Garrison, program director at KILT, which is owned by Viacom’s Infinity Broadcasting Corp.

“People are shocked. They cannot believe Texas’ own have attacked the state and the president,” Garrison said.

Lead singer Maines said in a statement she felt the president was ignoring the opinions of many in the United States and alienating the rest of the world by pushing for war with Iraq, ( can I remind you,..THAT THEY WERE RIGHT!).

“We’ve been overseas for several weeks and have been reading and following the news accounts of our government’s position. The anti-American sentiment that has unfolded here is astounding,” Maines said.

One of the country stations in Dallas that helped champion the Chicks when they were scraping by in that city playing gigs on street corners for tips, “99.5 The Wolf,” said they are listening to the listener’s views but do not think it is right to immediately jump on the bandwagon and stop playing the Chicks, said program director Paul Williams.

Williams then said it is too early to tell how strong a backlash may develop against the Chicks. He said the comments touched a deep nerve in Texas because they came from one of the biggest country groups to come out of the state and were directed at a president who calls Texas home.

“The listener outlash is probably bigger here than anywhere else,” William said.

The Chicks had the number one country album in the United States on the Billboard charts called “Home” and the No. 1 single with “Travelin’ Soldier”, which was about a U.S. soldier who fought in Vietnam. Now let me get this right, The Dixie Chicks simply said that they were “ashamed that President Bush was from their state”= MAJOR backlash,..while Ted Nugent THREATENS the life of the our sitting Commander-and-Chief = a few dates pulled, NO backlash, (as of yet, I remember that backlash for the Dixie Chicks was IMMEDIATE),..uh,..America,..Hypocrisy much? The ” The Ted Nugent Fiasco” only comes a few days after the Secret Service “sexual escapades” that is all over international news. Now, I dont like conspiracy theorist, I think these “drama junkies”  usually are drinking from the same ‘well of insanity and ego’, but indulge my suspicions please, I wont take long. President threat+Secret Service found to be inadequate+ world wide media showing potential security gaps in Presidential security detail= President assassinate attempts while the “powers-that-be” sit back and blame the Secret Service, with a “I told you so” smirk. I feel that all of these circumstances maybe a ‘lead-up’ to something MAJOR, (I hope not!!!and Secret Service, If you view this entry, I am just theorizing, don’t come and hog-tie me,…please:) But seriously, what is REALLY going on? My nana always told me that world events ALWAYS where predictable, and “happened in three’s-perfect sequential order, and she was the one in our family that predicted the murder of then sitting president, Robert Kennedy! There it is, I know I  must seem outlandish, but just a little something to make you think. With all that is going on around the world, these events seem to stand out to me because of their apparent hypocrisy and deadly rhetoric.It  has been a crime to threaten the life of the president since 1917, according to a recent Congressional Research Service report on the Secret Service and its mission, so what was Ted Nugent real motives? To incite deadly violence , or just being the “Shock Rocker-gun totting-hunter-wacko” that has garnered him world wide fame?

We live in a wonderful country that protects our rights, most of them, most of the time, but is it too much to ask for famous people that have a wide forum of admires,fans,etc. to be responsible for their actions and rhetoric, even more so than non-famous people? Further more, I want to know where these “events” will lead, as we enter a presidential race that is “messy and ugly” to say the least. I do not agree with some of Obama’s politics, but I voted for him, and if you disrespect my president, then you are disrespecting my vote, my rights to vote, and  finally my country.”Second-guessing” our democracy  with angry, potentially violent rhetoric is an insult to every American citizen, in this country and around the world. 

Currently Trending: Denim Fever (As Seen on Shoes, Shirts & Bags for Spring 2012) I Shopped the Look For You!


It’s a universal fashion favorite that never goes stale.  And for Spring, the lightweight fabric is seen on button-downs, stilettos and roomy satchels.

Phillip Lim’s entire Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear collection is packed with muted tones and breezy separates but one particular runway look (below) featuring a sleeveless jean jacket gave us a fashion flashback and put us on the prowl for more light wash denim.

Now for the girls:

The denim shirt Cycle ribbon collar denim Buy here      

The fabulous Dolores Denim Detailed Espadrille style pumps  ( ohhhh laaalaaa)  Buy Here 

The Wonderful little morsel of a handbag Matt & Nat Portland , (so adorable) Buy Here

Now for the fellas ( like myself,..yeahhhhh)

Remember when Jeremy Scott’s Wings models were the zaniest things we had ever seen? Well the shoe has seemed to become common place and more importantly simple accepted by the masses as a nice sneaker. here we get a peak at the next version that will hit shelves and its decked out in denim. Gold contrast color stitching and a translucent outsole finish the look off lovely for this Spring 2012 release. Well the sneakers are for previewing now, but will  be in stores in Feb. of this year ( im coping those 4 SURE!!!!!!!) Don’t fret my fellow “kicks fiend” , you can still buy a sneaker that inspired this “little piece of heaven”, the multi-colored wing kick that has been hot for months. Buy Here

Oh yeah baby, ( Im such a publicity whore, yes I am), as you guys know, I have MY OWN small line of custom-made, hand sewn denim . The line is called Espejo Nelson Atelier , and we are small, but ohhh so brimming with creativity and promise. My jeans are hand done, hand washed, hand treated by ME!!!!(talk about service). Any way scour the site to see my tees, denim jackets,jeans etc.  Buy Here 

For more examples of my work, visit my online portfolio @

New Study Shows That Your Love Of Louboutin’s Will Probably Lead To “Golum Toes” (my preciousssssss),….


A new study suggests that the shoes you love are putting you at risk for muscle injury, even when you walk barefoot.

When you wear a high-heeled shoe, your foot is forced into a plantar-flexed position. In other words, you’re pointing your toes as long as you’ve got the shoes on. Imagine Barbie feet.

Day after day of teetering in towering heels appears to shorten fibers in the calf muscle, and make the Achilles tendon stiffen instead of flex with each step, a new study published last week in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests. (You can access the abstract here, but you’ll have to pay to read the whole thing.) Both of these factors may contribute to muscle fatigue, and potential injury.

In this study, researchers analyzed the way longtime high-heel lovers used their muscles to walk across the room, both with their heels and without, and compared their gait to that of women who generally wore flats. The nine habitual high heel wearers had worn heels of at least 5 centimeters (that’s just under 2 inches) at least 40 hours every week for at least two years; the 10 control participants usually wore heels for less than 10 hours each week.

The heels devotees tended to walk in that perpetually flexed-foot way, even when they walked barefoot. “The results suggest that long-term high heel use may compromise muscle efficiency in walking, and are consistent with reports that high heel wearers often experience discomfort and muscle fatigue. Long-term high heel use may also increase the risk of strain injuries,” write the authors, led by Dr. Neil J. Cronin, currently a researcher at Finland’s University of Jyvaskyla.

Now until these “little slices of heaven that come in pairs” have FDA labels,and or having women  drop dead like flies, we as fashion designers ARE NOT going to stop designing these “artistic symbols style, sex and pleasure for both sexes,and im sure none of you are going to stop buying them. ( I have a MEAN shoe fetish of my own,….omg!!!!!) So with that being discussed, lets find solutions to take care of the health of your “lil toesies”. Read on for three important types of strengthening and stretching exercises for anyone who is head over heels for high heels.

  • Calves. Hoofing it on heels leaves your calf muscles in a shortened position, which can mean weakened muscles when the heels come off. Remember to stretch out your calves after wearing heels in order to give them relief.

Find three more important areas every high-heel wearer should strengthen after the break.

  • Ankles. Walking on stick-thin stiletto heels is no small feat. To help prevent a tumble and serious injury, incorporate simple exercises that strengthen your ankles, like walking on your tiptoes and doing squats on the Bosu.
  • Balance. The lift you get from wearing heels also challenges your body’s sense of equilibrium, which can mean a lot of muscles are working to keep you upright. This can lead to more pressure on your lower back, so add a few yoga moves to your morning routine, trace the alphabet with one foot while standing on one leg, and focus on ab-strengthening exercises in order to help your body reposition itself correctly when you’ve strutting with those four-inchers.
  • Achilles tendon. If you’re a regular heel wearer, switching abruptly from heels to flats can cause Achilles tendonitis — when your Achilles tendon, which attaches to your calf muscle, becomes inflamed. Make sure you keep your Achilles tendon happy with a few strengthening stretches like this one: stand on a step or curb with your heels hanging off, and rise up and down on your toes.

As discussed I have a “Desperately Disfunctional” ;P shoe fetish so for more examples of my work, visit my online portfolio @

Rihanna is throwing her red wig into a reality show based in the U.K.

Rihanna is throwing her red wig into a reality show based in the U.K.

Ok,..this is a continuation of the blog about global pop-star, Rihanna taking on a reality-based show about designing a few looks for her up coming show in the U.K. Now, let me start out by saying that I am a STARVING designer, talented, but starving. (my cat eats better than I do), so any opportunity that comes up, I am going to “milk it” till the nipples either fall off, or simply go dry. Hence my little venture, last night, into “Rihanna-land”. Like millions in the world, I adore Rihanna’s music, but most of all I adore her “don’t like it, then suck it” attitude. Its the way I have lived my life, with fabulous results, (until this recession hit me with a deafening THUD ). Anyways, Reality show about fashion + hungry fashion designer with fat cat = Golden Opportunity to get my skills out there to the world. I love Rihann’s take on fashion, she wears what makes her look great. Her outfits during her performances,…well are skimpy to say the least, but ONLY she could get away wearing what looks like a bra and panties made from candy hearts, ( oh so sweet ). I wanted to design a few looks that were simple, but yet very sexy, and taaaaa-daaaa, knit matte jersey came to mind, and then the color, ofcourse!!!! ( so NYC ). The two looks are draped “for the gods”, but allowing super comfort, with a little drama in the front. The second looks is low ( and I mean low) cut, to show a little cleavage, but overall a simple but sexy look. Now pair these looks with an exotic clutch, and a pair of “show-stopping” Lou’s,…and you have a winner. I hope Rihanna sees this, and for when she does, ” heeyyyyyy Rihanna, my fat cat loves “dancing” to your ” Only Girl ” single. and so do I.  I think he is gay, just like his daddy,…just say’in”

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