Moroccan Afternoon / A Study Of Casual Urban Elegance


Summer – 1985 – Perry Ellis, One of my first fashion jobs, and I was on my way to my first overseas business destination, Morocco. To say I was excited is like saying the sun can cause a heat rash, its just a fact, and I was geared for fun! The trip was 3 days, and then on to China, but that was three days I will always remember fondly. The food, wonderful cheerful people, and the culture that left me wanting more. I have never been make, alas, but at least in this fashion expedition, I can return in my heart. In this expedition, I designed casual sophisticated men’s wear looks that are comfortable and very stylish.

View more of this presentation at my digital portfolio:




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  1. So THIS is what you have been up to for the last 2 months! Beautiful work, I want the Brocade Blazer ASAP LOL can you make that happen?

      • Yes, I wanted a look and visual as if i was letting the viewer into my most private thoughts about design. My agent still does not get it 🙂 Spot on!

  2. Engaging Presentation, you have combined traditional design well with more commercial aspects that will sell well in the international market. The tee shirts are a hoot!

    • The tee-shirts are just ironic and humorous, I think , in a way we all want to be ” A Moroccan Boy”, exploring the world with wide eyes and wonder. I want to do a whole series 🙂 I think it goes well with the concept, though ‘out of left field’ and would merchandise well with the denim and crews, Cheers

    • I do to, Once I get investors, I am going to make them in several colors, as well as the computer bag. Cheers

  3. This is TOTALLY off the subject, but in your background on your site, in one of the collage of pics I saw you holding a large birkin bag? The size in the picture is very large and roomy, where did you get it?

    • It is a rather large birkin circa 1976. It was left to me by a dear friend in his estate. When I got it , it was badly damaged, dis-colored, and the lining was tattered. I guess because he used a lot.I remember see him with it from time to time and always gushed over it, even though it was ancient. It took me 2 years to invest in getting it restored to its former condition, its beautiful now, and I carry my mac laptop, supplies, fabrics, etc. Its ALWAYS a conversation starter. I would like to think my late best friend would appreciate that.

      • What a nice story, I wont even insult you my asking if you would sell it. BTW, excellent work , though I cant decide how I would classify you—– a fashion illustrator, or a fashion designer. You seem to utilize photoshop a lot in your designs. Are they collage of other designs you have put together, forming a new look, or are they your own? Just a question

      • Very valid question. I don’t really use photoshop until the very end, creating boards. I design each garment separately, like jig-saw pieces. Then fit them together in a form of collage. I utilize the gausian blur tool in illustrator a lot to create natural shadows and highlights. The end result is a digital fashion illustration style that is all my own, very realistic, but radically stylized and creative. As far as labeling me, that happens a lot in corporate fashion, you can only be good at one aspect of fashion, rarely are there working designers that have experience in most aspects of design and or product. I would like to think that freelancing for the last decade has had me to learn each and every aspect of design. If a client wants women’s wear, I cant turn him away, I need to show him or her that I have that experience. Freelancing, you have to be a “jack-of-all-trades” because you never really know what jobs will come across your desk. Glad you like it 🙂

  4. Hello, I am Henry, we met at Monument Lane, you were drinking the ommegang beer, BTW you are VERY BEAUTIFUL! We struck up a convo about fashion and commerce, I must admit, I was astounded with your knowledge and experience. Thank you for leaving with your blog info, Your work is awesome, nothing like I have ever seen keep it up! Looks, Talent, Personality, you will go far in this industry 🙂

    • Thank you for your gracious compliment, glad you like my work, have a great day 🙂

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