Seaki Ashe’ / An Expose Into Casual Luxury Menswear




As a designer, I am always researching styles  and aesthetics that allows my work as a designer more and more freedom. Womenswear is easily suited for such creative freedoms,not so much for menswear. For the last 120 years, menswear has maintained a very rigid aesthetic,and in the fellow looks, I hope to relax this ‘style structure’ a bit. The above style is a look meant for my upcoming 2013 Fall Collection. The leather blazer / jacket front and back yokes are draped, forming a very ‘layered’ texture and silhouette. Draping is usually considered a design technique used specifically for womenswear styles, so to utilize the technique for menswear is risky. I wanted a look that was soft, casual , but daring and edgy. The fabric that I will use for this style is soft lambskin. I would couple this style with flat front,pinstripe wool skinny slacks, and draped cowl neck  knit top.I feel the final look is daring,edgy and romantic. Below are other casual, luxury – based looks. In each look I want to use luxurious fabrics, with a wonderful illustrative presentation.


 Another draped look utilizing leather and worsted wool. The blazer is a fashion forward silhouette, very cutting edge. The center front is a leather draped cowl neck accented with antique brass buckle trims. The cowl neck detail is further accented with a cashmere, draped right lower front yoke. The entire jacket is a simple leather blazer, with these unconventional details that resonate romance. The slacks of this ensemble are a soft, casual rayon / silk mix with a harem pant with a extremely low crotch. I got the idea for the pants when watching a docu about Ghandi, and felt he looked so regal and elegant. Coupled with a structured worsted silk wool blazer and a draped silk shirt with a mandarin collar.

ImageThis look is another romantic look, finely tailored suit layered with a dramatic shearling. What fascinates me about this look is the mixing of sport and highbrow tailoring. The shirt and tie are very in the style of what was popular in the early 1940’s . A stiff,starched collar, combined with a ascot styled necktie gives off a certain style. I combined this with a early 19th century styled vest. This precarious layering is accented with a smartly tailored blazer, and silk denim slacks. The final look is made even more casual with suede loafers.





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