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Julianne Moore, when I think of some of the MOST versatile and  endearing actors,she is one my top 5 list. From her delicate performance in “The Hours”, to her tour de force performance in “Hannibal”.  In my book, she has always been a ‘bankable’ actor, and when I see her name on the marque, I am usually buying a ticket, or getting ready to settle in and enjoy my viewing experience. Emmy’s 2012 was a fashion disappointment for me concerning Mrs. Moore. wearing a vintage canary yellow Dior pulled out of the vaults of the esteemed fashion house. I wrote a blog about this, saying that I would “reinvent” Mrs Moore, and design her a new look. I have to admit, I started out to do just that but then as I was creating and working I began to consider that my intentions may have been misguided. I have a great respect for the design process, and even more respect for the ultimate choice of the  consumer or client. These celebs made their decisions, so let it be. Instead I was steered in a different direction, a direction of fun and irony.

In this presentation I wanted to represent a Julianne that was fun, full of joy , and colorful. I decked her out in a lambskin technicolor red bomber,  lined in vibrant crimson faux long haired fox. The sleeves have self fabric buckles nearly up the sleeve, looking very edgy , but wonderful. This jacket is coupled with a multi-colored silk jersey dress, with vibrant shades to match. The back illustration has Mrs Moore wearing a sexy croc leather /jersey dress with self pleated skirt.

Julianne Moore, in my opinion, could have chosen a ‘better’ dress for the Emmy’s, but the dress she chose is now apart of fashion/television history. Time now to maybe create a little history of my own.


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  1. This is so funny! I have always been a fan of how you combine illustration and collage. Its very different. The clothes look like she is actually wearing them. Nice concept:)

    • I understand what he is doing, but it looks like he is “copying and pasting” garments designed by others, then including them in his fashion croquis. I really dont know what I am looking at.

      • Good morning everyone. I too was concerned with my “collage technique” and if it would compromise my integrity as a fashion designer. To keep this from happening, I use royalty free photographs of basic garments. With these photographs, Ill use a zipper from one jacket, the bottom sleeve of another, or the buckle of a purse, putting it on a jacket. For instance, Julianne Moore’s jacket is comprised of several different raw photos of zippers, jacket fronts, faux furs, buckles,etc. What is created is a brand new visual idea of a NEW garment . I was in discussion with a colleague of mine that loves my technique, and his statement sums up my creative process using collage, ” Designers use embellished fabrics, trims and accessories all time to complete a FINAL garment. Does the FINAL garment belong to the fabric designer, or the manufacturer that created the wonderful trims that just make the jacket special, NO. The jacket is DESIGNED by the designer because he/she had the audacity to COMBINE these creative aspects, therefore creating a completely new concept of a garment.” I hope this comes across clear.

  2. Wow,U can look at the illustrations and tell that they are not a paste of a complete jacket or pair pants. I am not a designer, and I can SEE where you have combined different stuff to make something fly! Your friend was right seeki, I think its a brand new way of showing fashion to the world!

  3. I feel kind of silly now:) I thought they were actual samples of your collection that you incorporated into your illustrations. To see that they are actual collage images is BRILLIANT, you did it pretty seamlessly. What graphic programs do you use?

  4. This screams BUSINESS PRESENTATION to get money from suits to fund my business. Do you do business presentations with designer samples. Imagine, Angelina Jolie wearing my evening wear. Sure to impress my financial team!!!!!

  5. Actually, a business presentation was the reason why I came this particular creative concept last summer. One of my BFF was having a meeting with a very high profile investor, and she needed a presentation that would have WOWED the investor. I took HER SAMPLES, and incorporated them into beautiful illustrations of Halle Berry and Zoë Kravitz. She not only got the funding that she needed, but much more than she expected. The investor even asked to take a disk with her boards to show other potential investors. I was very happy that I could help.

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