Michelle Obama- Inaugural Evening 2013 / Evening Gown Design


Michelle Obama, say that name and two words come to my mind as a designer, Ravishing and Inspirational. As a fashion designer, I make my living  predicting trends, colors, moods, looks, and styles when it coms to fashion. Watching Michelle Obama’s speech inspired me to no end. The 48-year-old First Lady of the United States was all smiles as she took the stage at Time Warner Cable Arena and addressed the crowd, and what came from her lips was pure oratorical bliss. I listened, as millions did , as this woman showed us that she is a super power in her own right.

Gordon Stewart: “If Barak Obama is re-elected, he will owe more to his First Lady than any President ever to win a second term.”

This is on the mind of everyone taking notice around the world. So in the spirit of Michelle Obama, celebrating her success, I will create a few pivotal looks for that wonderful inaugural day and evening of 2013. My first offering is a of course evening wear. I wanted a dress that was feminine,timeless,elegant, almost ethereal, fully representing that WONDERFUL speech she gave. I would use black chiffon and silk. The bodice would be fully draped, with a flirty single shoulder style. The mid-section of the dress would be draped, as to tie not a knot, that would then flow effortlessly into a light and wonderful floor length hem. I chose this heavily draped style in homage to ancient rome, as much of washington’s architecture and politics  is based on a roman-greco aesthetic and lifestyle. I would want The First Lady to walk into the ball room, looking as if she has walked out of a page of history,conquering all of ‘modern-day rome’/ washington with just her words. So fabulous. I am so inspired, I will be doing more looks in the coming weeks. It feels wonderful  to share my talent with this great moment in our nation’s history. Who knows, maybe my design will be chosen my The First Lady, only God knows.

To see more of my work, take a look at my design portfolio @ http://fashiondesignernyc.prosite.com/90461/gallery


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  1. Wow this dress is news-worthy! Someone smart style editor should make this topic into a story, “Michelle Obama Inspiring Speech Fires Up The Fashion World”, and YOU Seaki should be one of the designers they contact!. Classy & Elegant. I love the explanation also. Good Job!

  2. I agree with the commenter above, this dress IS newsworthy, and a part of a great subject to discuss, How Michelle Obama’s speech has inspired people.

  3. Besides the fact that her husband has not won ANYTHING, and MAY NOT even get into the WhiteHouse,..well I guess that is irrelevant, especially when inspiration comes knocking at your door. The dress is epic, very nice work. Are you selling the dress to other’s that want to buy this design or have the dress for themselves, OR is this design RESERVED for FLOTUS?

    • Thank you, the design is meant ONLY for the FLOTUS, BUT i can design others inspired by this design. As customary in Europe for hundreds of years, many dressmakers-wigmakers,etc. would always create beautiful designs inspired by the Queen of the country to get more traffic for their respective places of business. Even though the queen usually would not choose the designs for her personal wardrobe, allow her royal seal to be associated with that design,or even know of the designer, the designs were RESERVED for her. Queen Victoria of England was very generous with her seal, as she was a fan of fashion,perfumes. Even though her taste was rather simple, she would allow her royal seal to be used by dressmakers, jewelers,and milliners that she loved. This was in its day, the highest celebrity endorsement, and meant that your business was going to be very successful.

  4. This dress is gorgeous, so statuesque like The First Lady. Are you not afraid of someone stealing your design? I work in the fashion industry, and let me tell you, the vultures will be circling for this beautiful piece.

  5. I have allready gotten the design notarized and officially stamped with date of creation. This would simply prove that I created this design on said date. Fashion designs can not be trademarked or patented, but the notarized seal would prove the above design is mine, NOT the designer that stole it. All I would need to do is write about it on my blog, and contact a few friends in the news industry. It would be a hot story, and a scandal for all involved. As unfortunate as it sounds,publicity such as this is a ‘goldmine’ to designers like myself.

  6. I like how you are inspired by the First Lady’s vision, spirit and intellect, not by the externals.

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