True Blood “Fashion Pinpoint-One Look/One Story” Subject: Tara Thorton


As many of you know, I am a “fashion junkie”. Fashion makes me happy, and I am ALWAYS searching for MANY opportunities to display my talents to the world. True Blood on HBO is one of my MOST favorite shows, and has had me hooked from the first episode. So in my fashion rattled-racked cerebellum, I was searching for a way to expose my design talents, while curb my craving for “True Blood “shows and characters. Im continuing with my “Design Excursions”, adding subject matter to my online portfolios,sites and blogs, based on my designs and talent. The True Blood articles and designs are picking up speed, as I am getting more visitors to my blogs, portfolio, and online design site. SO,….I am going further, diversifying concerning the True Blood franchise. The object of this project is to design ONE LOOK that will describe each character for the WHOLE season! ( I know, my brain is about to explode with all kinds of ideas) Tara was first,.sense I thnk she is going to be a FEIRCE baby vamp. I am publishing each design one at a time, so that the viewer can “absorb” the new style and essence that I have created for each character. Be on the look out for Sookie Stackhouse, she is next, and I better style and design her BEFORE she destroys what fai power she has left. The only hint I am going to give is think Fairy meets Laura Croft,….it should be fabulous!!!


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  1. Wow, your fashion illustration skills are phenomenal. I love the fact that you are investigating alternative ways to get your skills to the right people, Great Self Marketing! Now that Tara is a vamp, she is pretty hot, and that red suit would make her “crush material’. Wonderful Job:)

  2. How do you do that? Is that a photo of her face? Really great work. Lastly, what graphic programs do you use. My daughter is interested in fashion (she is in junior high), and I figured now is a great time for her to start with graphic programs.

    • Thank you for your encouragement:) The graphic program that I used was Adobe Illustrator. The whole graphic you see above was created as a vector using AI, except the textures of the velvet, which were actually jpegs of the actual fabric. I “cut and paste” in AI, in a sense, creating a garment utilizing the visual fabric texture in different angles. The technique is called Digital Collage, and is usually used in the astronomy community to piece together maps and star constellations for viewing. I have never seen it used in fashion presentations, but it makes that end garment look very photographically real, like a mock up. Thanks again:)

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