Chloe Papas” Chris Brown Saga”- A Exercise In Dis-functional Subjective Journalism


Its Tuesday July 31, and I am having my coffee, and viewing my online newspapers, suddenly I get this phone call from a journalism  industry insider. The 5 minute phone call pertained to an article written my a freelance author by the name of Chloe Papas, for X-Press magazine. I opened my email of the article, and was disappointed to say the least. The article CAN be viewed as articulate journalism, if not for the annoying 95% “personally subjective  jargon”, that seems to drip from each sentence. I asked myself,……”Self,…how can this be considered journalism, or even an OBJECTIVE review of an artist’s work, done for the buying public, when it reads as if an 8th grader wrote it when Chris Brown did not send her an autographed pic for her bedroom wall. I decided not to take the article seriously, as writers like this are very prevalent in the journalism industry, especially now, since many of them grew up during the MTV age, saying and writing ANYTHING that comes across their uncensored, coca-colo infused brains.

Hours later, on Facebook, I am inundated with the review once again,…..this time its being lauded as a “Masterpiece of Honesty”,”Fearless and Onpoint”,…..and my favorite one, “Journalism in its most honest, all should be like this young lady”.  “Journalism in its most honest, all should be like this young lady”????,………..really? Scratching my head, I read through this literary masterpiece of freelance journalism, and I could not help but laugh. Is this journalism? What ever happened to journalist creating articles that skewed artist they did not like, but sensibly?

Regardless of whether Chris Brown has any musical talent (he doesn’t) or whether this album is any good (it isn’t), the man recently brutally assaulted a woman, and is still regularly invited back to award shows and worshipped by ‘Breezy’ fans worldwide. Which is, frankly, disgusting. And for those of you out there saying you need to separate the music and the man: screw you, don’t encourage his actions. Final words: don’t buy this album.”

“Screw you” don’t encourage his actions”, how about screw you Chloe Papas, I will not encourage your flippant abuse of your “journalistic podium” , (or lack thereof ) to spew your own personal and subjective views concerning another individual in the public eye. You have CLEARLY abused what little authority that has been  given to you, and if I was a hiring publication, you would NOT be employed by me, ( in fact I would have you escorted out of  the building, since reading your article, you seem to be a very socially imbalanced individual,..try therapy please).Please understand, I am NOT a Chris Brown fan, teambreezy,….what ever the young kids are calling themselves these days, but to place personal objectivity over a prime opportunity  to voice your opinion with clever wording, punctuation, and word usage is simply ,..well stupid and childish. Reading the article, I was instant taken aback to an episodes of “Mean Girls”, and Chloe is clearly a girl who feels “left-out”. I think, no I BELIVE what Chris Brown did to Rihanna, beating this young woman to a bloody mess, was despicable, disgusting, deplorable, and a certain part of hell should be reserved for such men. Growing up as a child, my own mother was a survivor of HORRIFIC domestic violence , that lapsed into my pre-bubescent , young life, so I speak from experience.

Fast forward 30 years later, and my mother and her abuser, my step-father are on “speaking terms”, share holidays and special events with others in my family, but most of all, they have BOTH healed from what was done. He,my stepfather, has healed from that abusive,alcoholic man that beat both of us, now a mild mannered  man that is actually pleasant to interact with. My mother has made great strides since her abuse, developing several successful business’s, and finally mentoring other young mothers that are abused, completing the “circle of healing”. That being said, why is it that you can not allow this man time to heal?, why is it that you can not allow rihanna, the abuse survivor, time to heal? Do you REALLY think re-hashing such a horrific event just to further your journalistic career , just to get more online “clicks” onto your article is honorable ? If you were REALLY concerned about Rihanna’s welfare, heck, if the international public was really concerned about this abuse survivor, they would leave well enough alone, allowing for this young woman to rebuild what was lost that disastrous night. The honest truth is this, NO ONE really cares about Chris or Rihanna, using what transpired that awful night to further what ever agenda they have, may it be to sell magazines, news papers, or in your case, gain notoriety as a freelance journalist. To say that you are not the only one that has used this incident for monetary gain, is like saying beaches have sand,…..its just a fact, no one can dispute it. But even that, Chloe Papas, does not get you off the hook because as a woman, I expected better from you.

I have seen Chris Brown in concert several times, ( the tickets were gifts, or industry events), and he is a very talented performer, albeit his personal life in the past has been disastrous. I was able to look at that stage, and not see Chris Brown the woman-beater, Chris Brown the megalomaniac,….but Chris Brown the performer. Once I was able to do that, I had a great time, and even found myself enjoying much of what was performed. Unfortunately, we all live in a society that loves to destroy its idols. Build them up high, worship them with status money,and prestige, but let them portray an ounce of mortality, we simply destroy them, and relish in the thought of doing so. I don’t know what this says about us, as the buying public, or even as human beings, but it does make one take a second look at our society and its issues.I say unto you , Chloe Papas, if my mother can forgive a man that beat her for over 15 years, knocked out several of her teeth,placed her in the hospital at least 5 times, then why cant you find it in your heart to understand that this is past history. It is rumored that even Rihanna is seeing Chris Brown romantically on the DL, so it appears that she has forgiven him completely,………why haven’t you? I know why, because the “Chris Brown and Rihanna saga” sells papers, it is a “hot issue”, that is sure to get the publics attention. The rest  of your review was based on your own personal opinion, and that is your right. But the personal and totally objective drivel,…..leave that for 12 year olds in junior high, not in your professional career.


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