Fashion In Technicolor / A Study Of Color , Design, and Luxury





Since a little boy, like many of us that were artistically inclined, I loved color. No REALLY, I ADORED color, big gobs of bright and wonderful colors  that stimulated my young  imagination. Being a designer in NYC, color was always a “bad word”. You could use color for “pop” to accent garments,  and maybe as ground color for some designs concerning  the warmer seasons, but I was always told to be safe. “Never use bright colors, people don’t like bright colors”, is what I was often told by my career mentors. “Bright colors are cheap, it is a designer’s job to know when less is more”, another word of advice that I have built my design career on. As a freelancer, I design for many clients, and each client has  specific needs. This recession has hit my business, as well as many of my other freelance brethren hard, having me to redefine what I value as a designer, my views and thoughts on “design fundamentals” that I have been taught. This collection is for ME, in celebration of that little 7 year old boy that would look at his magic marker for hours, amazed at the rich hues that appeared on my paper. I will use color in abandon, wreaking havoc concerning the spectrum, and REALLY utilizing my Pantone book, not just for the socially accepted hues, but for colors that simply make me happy to look at. These looks are also experimenting with luxury based fabrics, skins, and precious metal trims, combining the absurd with the sublime. In this project, I am a child again, my magic markers have been replaced with my trusty mac, But I WILL find a joy that I have long lost. I hope viewing this collection has made you as happy as it has made me, cause this is DAMN FUN!

I would like to add that this project is dedicated to Patrick Kelly, a man that I never met, but his work and talent has always been a source of inspiration.
Check back as often as you like, this will be an on-going project for the next few months!

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  1. Hi – I saw your work and I like it your very talented and I like your use of colors. With all of the name designers you have worked for previously and with your evident artistic talent you should not have any trouble getting work. I wish you the best outcome for your profession. Also I want to tell you I know who Patrick kelly was. he was one of the first black American Designers that was able to break into the paris fashion scene. he was fun and full of energy and excitement. What is very sad is that he died not long after he made it, from Aids I believe. I understand why you admired him. It takes a great deal to break into the fashion scene; even if you are endowed with incredible talent, it takes money and power and a PR machine that is the size of a corporate building in New York.

    I am from New York City as well, I worked there for many years. Its a tight community that is
    very political when it comes to “who is selected as a Up and coming designer” I have seen really talented designers who already were on the inside, Fade away, get their funding cut, and had the rug pulled out from beneath them; because of financing.

    The Fashion Editors like Anna Wintour and other big name editors have to almost hand select you and promote you, in tandem with the buyers. Generally no one wants to take a chance on someone who is untested.
    This is no slam on you, but I am just saying that, it takes a lot of timing, luck and talent to get in and stay in this industry; because its very competitive, and when people see how talented you are there can be a lot of jealousy and back stabbing. Some of which you see in front of your eyes, and some of it, you never see, because its behind the scenes.

    I honestly wish you the luck and timing and connections you deserve. Believe me, I have been there too on a high level, I know what goes down.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I too understand all that you speak of, and it is scary how political the fashion industry can be. I stopped having preconceived notions about “fashion super-stardom” a long time ago,….it just makes life a lot easier when you “simplify” your dreams a little bit:) BUT that still wont stop me from designing my little heart away, and doing some of my best work, simply because I was born to be a designer. I hope folks like you enjoy what you see, and maybe I can inspire a young designer to accomplish their own dreams.



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