Linked In, the “Mean Girls” of Online Professional Networking?


When I think of Linked In, my thoughts are usually muddled with frustration and hopefulness. Supposedly a way for world wide professionals to network, Linked In has MILLIONS of followers from just about every country on this green planet. Then why do I have such mixed emotions about the “holy grail of online professional connectivity”? Because Linked In has become obsolete. Now Linked In is NOT obsolete in actuality , ofcourse not , but Linked In  is crammed with “attitudes and corporate snootiness”, which is not good for a struggling fashion designer like myself. I once knew an individual that received a great corporate position, while networking on Linked In.  They also had a golden horn growing out their head, and sprinkled fairy dust every where they went, that is about how often Linked In ACTUALLY helps people acquire much needed jobs. This  is not just my experience, but others as well. Lets be honest, Linked In is ONLY useful for those that are ALL READY well connected in their chosen professions. As we “professional underlings” read their crisp convos in groups, chats, we often wonder, “How did you get that job”? My experiences with Linked In can range from sheer euphoria, hoping that I make a much needed “link”, to sheer horror, as I read a blog of a self righteous employer that had to fire a person cause he had a “drug problem”, ( I mean really,….why are you blogging about such unfortunate circumstances?) In this situation, are we supposed to give you a cookie for being a “good boss”? Are you expecting for others to chime in on how wonderfully responsible you are to your company? I think not . It just shows that you are an insensitive ass that seems to feel you are too important for your own saliva. Blogs like this run amuck on Linked In , reeking of self importance and  privilege.  Linked In sometimes reminds me of a famous quote in “Mean Girls”,Regina responding to the haplessly unstylish main character, “Get in loser, we are going shopping”. Linked In promises networking opportunities with some of the most powerful people  in their chosen professions, and delivers, if only these people did not feel that they were the akin to the second coming. To say that this site is full of megalomaniacs, people with egos so big, I am sure their feet never touch the ground is an understatement. I have watched as promising designers attempt to connect to design professionals, with no avail, and sometimes are bashed with rather snarky, debasing responses. One of my colleagues let me read one of her emails that she had received from a rather famous New York design house. The email was two sentences, basically telling her to drop dead,..but in a snarky, very professional manner. Understand, she  is one of the best in the New York industry, and like myself, she is having a hard time finding even basic CAD work. As a fashion design professional in NYC, I am constantly reminded how mediocre talent seems to rise high in the industry,reaching corporate positions and salaries  that many of us “worker bees” could only dream of, while the TRUE talent of this industry decide what flavor of ramon noodle we are going to have with our “tofu surprise” that night. Which brings me back to Linked In, supposedly giving us “roman noodled unfortunates” an opportunity to shine and connect with opportunities that are not available to our “professional caste system”.  Not so, Linked In reeks of self important professional “cliques” that only log on once a month to see how the “others” are faring. It’s disheartening to say the least , but I will press on. Hoping that one fine day, when the sun is shining  bright, the birds are chirping,and rainbows are in every horizon, some fabulous employer or client will notice me, granting ME my “ticket” into fashion professional excellence. Of course there is a brighter side to this scenario, I have learned to make ANYTHING with Ramen Noodles,  I am currently thinking of hosting my own Youtube show, I think I will call it ,”Fabulously Ramen, Great Eats On The Cheap”, Ill probably have a lot of hits from Link In, thats for sure.

Speaking of job-hunting, here is my own online design presentation, click below to see examples of my work done for clients/and yes, I am looking for full-time employment, (if the company/ opportunity is right) Thanks again

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  1. I have only had very positive experiences here on “the Link” with job opportunities and excellent professional contacts. I am sorry to hear that this is not the experience for everyone. Hmmmm makes me wonder?

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