The Rise Of The Fashion Reality Show – Fashion Design For The Masses


Let’s keep it Funky and Fresh, I love fashion based reality shows. Seeing the process that I go through to create product for my clients (minus the catty drama) on the big screen, can be fun. Being a consultant for a few upcoming shows, knowing a few contestants of past fashion reality shows, I always get the “background drama”, and even that aspect is fun. But when I have some civilian in a bar, over cocktails, explain to me that the design process is “easy , not very difficult at all”, (this is when I have to screech and pump the brakes). Most of my life has been dedicated to my craft, honing my product design skills, computer skills, fashion illustration skills, technical design skins,etc, and this has taken YEARS and HARD work. I graduated from Parsons when Marc Jacob was still slumming it on couches in the East Village, (yes I am old), did not finish paying off my student loans until 5 years into my professional career, and have paid some tremendous dues in this industry.

From being discriminated against, to working on several product lines, basically doing my bosses job at that time, I can name numerous rotten situations that have put me ‘against the wall’, but I love my craft so much, till NOTHING really matters. The design process can be  exhausting,long,and “drawn-out”, but as a designer, my reward is seeing my product in the retail market, or on a civilian, that makes me happy,( sometimes I bring out the camera and snap away, people  usually love this, especially here in NYC). I am still in love with reality-based  fashion shows, I just hope that these new forms of entertainment, DO NOT demote the hard-work and struggle that  goes into making my career choice,… life work. The design process is fun, and yes, we as designers make it look easy, but that is because we are skilled artisans that have spent years developing our craft.


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