Fashions That Are Hot – My Looks For Grammy’s 2012 Styling 101 Volume 2#


The Grammy’s were all over the place, fashion wise. From Kate Perry and her blue-berry cottoncandy inspired hair, to Nicki Minaj’s “Little Red Riding Hood Gone Awry ” look, there were many ‘chance taking’ looks, but many were not executed correctly, leaving the individual just looking silly. I realize that the Grammy’s were last week, and most of what happen during that event has faded from folks memories,(or at least we wish the memories would fade FASTER), but I want to offer a few looks. One of the few winners of style was Rihanna, her simple black dress with a plunging neckline, as well as a plunging back area, was oh so sexy and beautiful to behold. The kind of girl I would have dressed for the Grammy’s would be like Rihanna, a risk taker, willing to “stand-out” on the red carpet.  I would decide to stay with a black,dark grey,and charcoal palette, as these colors slim the figure wonderfully. Look One consist of an Asymmetrical gathered drape dress. The Grecian silhouette is so feminine, and forgiving to any problems in the tummy and love-handle area. I would couple that with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with delicate crystal detailing. I love texture, when styling is such a mono palette, so I would offer accessories that would draw in the eye. Exotic animal skinned accessories are always hot, and add a touch of luxury and daring to any outfit. A Reed Krakoff Grey Python T-Bar cuff accented with a poly hard python printed clutch would do the trick. This look is very feminine, sheik, but I would want to break it up a bit. For the girl that loves this look, but wants to accent her waist, I would add a Alaia Fridge Waist belt. This small accent completely changes the whole silhouette, from soft and feminine, to more edgier, still elegant. The Second look is full of DRAMA with a capital D, mish-mashed with accessories and details that are not for the “fashion faint of heart”. I love the original grecian dress, but in this look, it’s transformed into a rather form-fitting tunic, coupled with a pair of Notify Bamboo 75 Cracked-leather pants. Notice how the core of the look, the dress, has now transformed,into an “alter-ego” of its initial aesthetic. The draped dress, soft and feminine, has now transformed into a draped top, still feminine, but edgier. To make this look even more edgier, I propose the Kali Belt, a belt that is fabricated using soft leather, torn, and accented with metal details. Accessories are just as textured,  such as the  Goti Multi-Strand necklace. This necklace consist of twisted strands of silver mesh,black pearls, and leather details, flowing back to the aesthetic of the Kali belt, effortlessly. On the wrist, a Balenciaga Twin-Link Leather and Metal Bracelet. This look has so much visual drama, I decided on simple sexy strappy high heeled sandals, Alexander McQueen Satin T-Bar sandals would do beautifully. Finishing touches,its a simple one, an ironic, but lovely Anne Demeulemeester ‘Flower Sirio’ Brooch, on the right shoulder of the top, to break up the draped area a bit. The final look is very daring, sexy, screaming to me seen,touched, and talked about.

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I. Bamboo 75 Cracked-leather pant – Buy It Here 

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