Pop Culture – My New “TeleFascination” Love and Hip-Hop


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“Love and Hip-hop” is a reality  show that revolves around the lives of   5 women that are dating men in the hip-hop industry. Hip-hop artist such as Jim Jones, Fabulous are only a few of the rap stars that have cameos on the show, as their women let us experience what it is to be a woman, in love with a rap star. At first I did not like the show, and did not take it very seriously. Anything about hip-hop, simply turns my stomach, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This view point comes from personal experience as a gay man, and a fashion designer , working in NYC, and dealing with a few rap artist in person. These personal experiences differed greatly, from wonderful to horrible, when dealing with these people, but ALWAYS  a learning experience. I do not watch television, at all, hence no cable. But after “netflixing”, I surfed the web, and came across an article writing about this new show. I clicked on to VH-1, and was hooked,…..somewhat. These women are REAL, can be HARSH, but seem to be loving to their men. My favorite character, ofcourse, is Chrissy. She seems to be a loud-mouth, crazy,overly-aggressive, but is loyal to her friends (and would be a chick that I would love to call a friend as well). Needless to say, take a look at the show. It can get a “bit much”, but I live in NYC, and see people like this all the time, and they happen to be people that I care about deeply. Big mouths, Harsh attitudes, but all of it is based on Tough Love. I will be writing more on this show, as there is so much to talk about . Tell me who your favorite people are, and why?

watch here 

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