Rihanna is throwing her red wig into a reality show based in the U.K.

Rihanna is throwing her red wig into a reality show based in the U.K.

Ok,..this is a continuation of the blog about global pop-star, Rihanna taking on a reality-based show about designing a few looks for her up coming show in the U.K. Now, let me start out by saying that I am a STARVING designer, talented, but starving. (my cat eats better than I do), so any opportunity that comes up, I am going to “milk it” till the nipples either fall off, or simply go dry. Hence my little venture, last night, into “Rihanna-land”. Like millions in the world, I adore Rihanna’s music, but most of all I adore her “don’t like it, then suck it” attitude. Its the way I have lived my life, with fabulous results, (until this recession hit me with a deafening THUD ). Anyways, Reality show about fashion + hungry fashion designer with fat cat = Golden Opportunity to get my skills out there to the world. I love Rihann’s take on fashion, she wears what makes her look great. Her outfits during her performances,…well are skimpy to say the least, but ONLY she could get away wearing what looks like a bra and panties made from candy hearts, ( oh so sweet ). I wanted to design a few looks that were simple, but yet very sexy, and taaaaa-daaaa, knit matte jersey came to mind, and then the color,..black ofcourse!!!! ( so NYC ). The two looks are draped “for the gods”, but allowing super comfort, with a little drama in the front. The second looks is low ( and I mean low) cut, to show a little cleavage, but overall a simple but sexy look. Now pair these looks with an exotic clutch, and a pair of “show-stopping” Lou’s,…and you have a winner. I hope Rihanna sees this, and for when she does, ” heeyyyyyy Rihanna, my fat cat loves “dancing” to your ” Only Girl ” single. and so do I.  I think he is gay, just like his daddy,…just say’in”

For more examples of my work, visit my online portfolio @ http://www.wix.com/freelancedesignernyc/designnow


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