Head Turning Accessories for the Male Species


Guys, this is a short and sweet blog on head turning accessories when you’re on a budget. And we’ve all been there. Even the most famous stylists have been there!

Regardless of where you are in your life right now, financially, emotionally or physically, you still can pick up something cool which not only adds to your personality and esteem, but they are excellent conversation topics for meeting lovely ladies or chatting with your mate.

Here are some Seaki favs for 2011:

The Skull Candy Aviators

My God, I seriously almost ripped these off a guy in the Apple Store in NYC when I saw them. How cool are these Skull Candy Aviators! Makes my mouth water! So difficult to find, but when you do, the sound, the look and the feel of these babes are second to none. Personally, I can’t stand listening to someone elses music if I’m standing next to them on the street, train or bus ~ and these noise canceling headphones will not allow you to annoy anyone either. But beware. People will be staring at you devising a plan to rip em’ off your skull.

The sophisticated man’s man-bag

Okay, I’m obsessed with getting an iPad. As a loyal mac fan, my homepage is the Apple Store and the MSP office is decked out in Apple gear. Above is the all leather whiffing, dark masculine coloured iPad cover which can be converted to a simple A4-ish looking pouch to carry your stuff in. We dig it. Class.

Losing your memory?

Here’s something different. A multi-tasking neck piece that reminds you when you…do, whatever. MSP think it’s kinda cool to have your girlfriend / boyfriend grab you at various times of the day and write a little note on your board. This is taking Mr. Squiggle to a different level.

Micro Macro mini-cuffs
These little fellas are made by a company called Hidden Myth. New innovative, different and functional, these cuff links are not run of the mill. Urbandon is a self-taught assemblage artist and jeweller. Using found objects and recycled materials his creations have a Steampunk twist and a masculine sensibility. Drawing on Victorian cult and futuristic ideals allows him the freedom to sidetrack rational techniques and materials. Thumbs up! Or Cuffs whichever you choose.
Steampunk Ring from Hidden Myth
Don Pezzano, is Urbandon, and above is part of his Steampunk collection. We dig it! And wear it.
Skullcased candle by D.L. & Co.
MSP humbly invite you to lose yourselves in DL & Co’s subtle yet vertiginous splendour.  Yessssssss!! Now accessories in this instance are going to the house area, and there’s nothing worse than bringing your lady friend home and getting a whoof of the ol’ el der sockie, or the porcelain pantry. So, instead of buying one of those super feminine candles stocked even in Seven Eleven, buy one of these online. As for the fragrances? It looks like it could be pig & skull perfumed, but you’ll be surprised to smell wonderful and exotic scents from one of these chums.

Now keep in mind, I love all of these dearly, (wish I could afford a few of them as well), But I am an “Fashionably Adventurous Male” that enjoy ALL ACCESSORIES . Listed below are my picks of accessories that are for the “fairer  sex”, but If you are sexy enough, with a few adjustments, you can swing them too! So here we go, and keep an open mind!!

LV Kalahari bag  butterboom Spotlight On the Louis Vuitton Kalahari Bag

Women’s Accessories  with shot of  Testosterone 

Louis Vuitton seemed set to show something new and interesting for their latest line of bags, especially when Madonna was fronting their ad campaign back in 2009. The LV Kalahari veered away from the usual look of LV’s famed monogram collection. It was a rounder, softer saddle bag shape with lots of space to stuff everything in. The Kalahari maintained some traditional Vuitton aspects, like the monogram print, and the cowhide handles but this was offset by unusual offbeat details, like the mix bead drawstring,  used to secure the bag. Now before you fellas decide that I am ABSOLUTELY insane, I am going to buy the bag, take it to a shoe-maker in the city, have him elongate  that leather straps, as to make it into a fab messenger bag, that goes around my hips. The fact that the bag has dimensions  that are  too large a bonfire shoulder bag, will only add to the panache of my new “creation”. I decided on this model (and yes its a few seasons old, but hell, imma hippy fashion freak, and can usually get away with ANYTHING), as it is so “bohemic”, yet polished and sexy. Great messenger bag for the city male fashionista that loves to partake in the forbidden fruits of female accessories , Working on this as we speak, ill take pictures and show y’all how I rock this beast in NYC!

For more examples of my work, visit my online portfolio @ http://www.wix.com/freelancedesignernyc/designnow


About Seaki Fashion Designer / Illustrator

Seaki Nelson is owner and founder of Seaki Creative Services, a freelance design company based out of NYC. With over 19 years in the international fashion community, Seaki is a fashion industry veteran, working with companies such as , such as Calvin Klien, Baby Phat,Phat Farm,Sean John,Marithe Francious Girbaud, Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. His enormous product design talent, and eye for detail and trend-spotting has garnered Seaki a dedicated following of some of the world's most powerful fashion industry professionals. Thank you for your support Thank You :)

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