Im taking my show to Youtube,….and its going to be FEIRCE!!!!


We all know as freelance designers, that the designer that has the most innovative ways of projecting themselves online, is that  one that walks away with the best opportunities. With this in mind, I brain-stormed over the weekend ( it was a “mental monsoon” actually)  and thought of an innovative way to get my services out there. A video portfolio of some of my best work for clients and companies. It may have been done before,( probably have), But I have not seen a presentation like this. The video was done using my “wonder-twin”, my 13 inch Intel Mac named “Dora” ( yes, I have named my mac, she is my best friend, Together, we created a presentation of some of my most recent work. I decided on a fab presentation dealing with Espejo Nelson Atelier that was done a while back. I was asked to create a celeb inspired campaign for this brand new denim line. So I considered doing fashion illustrations of some of the worlds most  influential people, and the rest is history.  Those that were chosen where, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Tom Cruise, Kate Moss,Lenny Kravitz,and Ciara.

The presentation was created for investors for that company, and was a success!



About Seaki Fashion Designer / Illustrator

Seaki Nelson is owner and founder of Seaki Creative Services, a freelance design company based out of NYC. With over 19 years in the international fashion community, Seaki is a fashion industry veteran, working with companies such as , such as Calvin Klien, Baby Phat,Phat Farm,Sean John,Marithe Francious Girbaud, Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. His enormous product design talent, and eye for detail and trend-spotting has garnered Seaki a dedicated following of some of the world's most powerful fashion industry professionals. Thank you for your support Thank You :)

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