Brad Pitt – “Winter in Siberia” inspired Contemporary fashion Espejo Nelson Atelier


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For a man that exudes such hotness, Brad Pitt’s fashion sense is really quite simple and comfortable. Brad’s style has changed very little throughout the years, but his look is timeless. Not too much color, not too many accessories, just layers of garments that keeps this stud muffin looking good and staying comfortable. Brad’s biggest accessories are scarves, aviators, and hats galore. Fedora’s and newsboy caps, in particular, show up in almost every ensemble. If you’re attempting to dress like Brad, you don’t have to try and get too comfortable with crazy colors as he usually sticks to the basic blacks, browns, ivories, and tans. Brad’s style is a good base in every wardrobe. You can start by replicating his style and then adding color or other accessories to your wardrobe that reflect your own personality. But at least you know the basic style (Brad’s Style) of your clothing is timeless. For our “Winter In Siberia” , I wanted to take Brad out of his “comfort zone” and place him in looks that are trendy and body conscience, but still comfortable. As you can see, I have allowed Brad to stay with the type of accessory that he is very comfortable, a big lux scarve, but to add a little drama, the large knit scarf has tassels for a extra lux. I placed Brad cute bum in a wonderful pair of Espejo Nelson Vintage Slim leg jeans. In the illustration they look to be snug, but in real life, the fit would be more comfortable, but still hugging his thighs and bum, accenting his wonderful physique. Brad ADORES layers, and in this look, we maintained his love for layers. The jacket of layer 1# would be fitted blazer of cashmere wool / with leather accents of same color. To finish the look, I have added a pair of  lux faux fur lined hiking boots. The look is further accented with a hooded long leather top coat with faux fur accents. The look is luxurious,youthful, very sexy.


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