Tom Cruise Autumn in Shanghai Espejo Nelson Contemporary Looks


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All-American, handsome, and ever self-assured, Tom Cruise is a style icon. Favoring classic tailoring with a twist, from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Costume National, and Timothy Everest, Cruise is never too dressed up or down. For formal events, he prefers crisp, modern suits with faultless cuts and lush trimmings, and even at more relaxed times when he wears jeans with a hole in the knee, he retains an air of composure and finesse. In keeping with his clean, well-groomed look, he rarely opts for long hair or facial scruff, preferring most of the time to be clean cut.

Cruise is pure prep, and Espejo Nelson wanted to change this. We designed leather looks that were very inspired by his latest Mission Impossible movie. Our leather blazer is very minimal in detail, coupled with side slit pockets  and a front self fabric overlay to mimic the look of a tied kimono. The leather blazer also as a sleek “cut and sew look” , to add  some what slight deconstructed look, but NOT visually overbearing. The leather pants are ultra-short to accent the Kibuki hiking boots. In the waist of the slacks, a faux built-in cummerbund  detailed with overlapped leather piecing, a hidden zipper is used for front. The end result is a look that is very futuristic, but ultra sleek and stylish. The final detail of this look is the Killer-kibuki  accented toed boots. The full effect is a fashion forward look that is simply inspiring .

These looks will be available in my collection very soon, just stay tuned 😉


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