Lady Gaga, Fusion of Style and Innovation Espejo Nelson Atelier “Raw Denim”


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Lady Gaga has always inspired me, as well as millions of others. She was one of the MAJOR celebs to speak out for GLBT rights,while creating a platform for further dialog concerning what EXACTLY are basic human rights. She has always been in the for front of fashion design, mixing elegant styles,with her daring unique taste,creating a style of her own. My fav style moment, was when she took the famed Berkin Kelly Hermes bag, and turned it on its head. She bought a few of them at $15,000 a pop, then made the usually “stuffy-uber chic” bag into a fashion force to be reckoned with by sticking raw steel spikes through the ultra-expensive totebags. What emerged was a berkin bag that looked is if it had been to hell, and came back a KICK ASS IN YOUR FACE  accessory. It was a simple thing to do, but showed to what lengths Lady Gaga would go to insure that her fashion vision / stamp is established on EVERYTHING she owns or covets. Lady Gaga continues to be a remarkable artist, but for designers like myself, she is a gold mine. An icon that has no fear of confronting style norms, rearranging,splitting,tearing,and smashing them to her submission. And I say LONG LIVE QUEEN GAGA!


Legal Disclaimer: Lady Gaga is not associated with Espejo Nelson Atelier

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